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We have assumed the collective task of creating culturally relevant media to convey the social, political and economic realities experienced by citizens throughout the developing world.

We work with non-governmental organizations, private companies, governmental agencies, individuals and communities to create media, which celebrates and acknowledges culture, while fostering positive social change.

Below is a list of initiatives that we have contributed in various capacities:

Current Projects

 An initiative that is aimed at reducing the usage of Non Bio-degradable Plastic shopping bags whose significant impact offers an environmentally friendlier viable option in Kenya.  


The main online space where we engage with crucial dialogue and cultural critique as well as share the work done by ourselves and our allies

Capacity Building

Myndz community established a series of media workshops, seminars and partnerships with media entities to address the growing demands of people and organizations seeking knowledge and resources for media creation. Kindly email to be included: info@myndz-community.com

Slum Women Initiative:

 Aims to increase awareness of women's rights among women & girls in the slums of Nairobi and Mombasa and to help them to organise and lobby for the protection & expansion of these rights.

Community Cinema: 

Ongoing mobile cinema that focuses on screening documentaries, DIY productions to empower communities in being self-sufficient and public announcement films, within Kenya. If you want the initiative to visit your area or school drop us an email: info@myndz-community.com 


      Past Projects

Earth Mother Nature: Support through media productions of various green fairs.

Aspecks: Promotion and Media support for Organisation's launch.

Rafiqi: Promotion, Media and logistical support in recording and distribution.

Poetry in Motion: Media production support and online social media marketing. 

WAPI - Kenya: Documentary Production.

Physically Active Youth (PAY), Namibia: Documentary Production 

Marxism Festival: Support through media productions of various discussions.

Media Institute of Southern Africa:(MISA) Namibia; Media support on documenting activities and events

Family Life Magazine: Capacity building support for editorial team.

Namibia National Farmer Union: Radio production of series. 

For more information on our projects and how to get invovled, please contact us.

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