November 24, 2010

Joel Haikali on Film and My Father’s Son

Joel Haikali is well known for his role in the epic film Namibia: The Struggle For Liberation
directed by Charles Burnett, where he brilliantly played the leading role as young Sam Nujoma who later became the first president of the Republic of Namibia. We had a telephone chat with Joel where he spoke about his first feature film My Father’s Son which he wrote and directed.

The movie – My Father’s Son

Director and writer Joel Haikali explains  My Father’s Son as a film that seeks to expose the clash between modernisation and traditional cultural life style which is  a reflection of Namibia society today .
From drama to comedy – How did this happen?

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The movie – My Father’s Son: Joel Haikali by manzeeradio

Cinema culture
Unlike most film premieres where the red carpet, paparazzi media and the you know who are the main focus, My Fathers Son premiered in the northern part of Namibia where parts of it were shot.  Its a remote/rural area where electricity and a Television Set are not so common. Attending the event was Her Majesty the Queen from the Oshiwambo people, the cast and the locals that were overwhelmed to see their own stories on cinema .
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Cinema cultue in africa Joel Haikali by manzeeradio

Challenges for Indie Film makers
The script borrows from Joel’s life nevertheless is a shared experience among a generation of Africans that now leave in metropolitan areas where identity comes in question. Joel further speaks of the challenges facing independent film makers in context of marketing and distribution.

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Challenges for Indie Filmmakers by manzeeradio
Collaboration as a model
His first feature film titled my fathers son, attained less than a ¼ of the budget that was pledged
Joel advocates for collaboration as a model for independent films to materialise and is highly appreciative of friends, family and well wishers that funded and contributed to getting the film done. Click play to listen
My Fathers Son was partly short in the remote areas of Namibia, in so doing contributed to the local economy. As a way of redistributing resources, Joel encourages projects of the like that do not necessarily have a take place in the city or other metropolitan areas can apply this module to  help decentralise resources within developing nations.

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Collaboration as a model by manzeeradio

Collaboration as a model for Indie filmmakers: Joel Haikali by manzeeradio

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