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Myndz Community is a Nairobi based CBO, that strives to employ media as a tool for social change.

Myndz Community's mission is to employ media to provide quality, efficient and accurate information to encourage communication for a harmonious social, political and economic environment in service of social change, human and media development throughout Africa.

Overall, we emphasize the creation and promotion of sustainable media throughout Africa while forming local and international partnerships premised on capacity building initiatives for the advancement of culture, education, the arts and social well being. 

Through efforts to support media and social development in Africa we pledge to:

    * Maintain a key role in socio-economic development and human rights through the use of media and information
    * Encourage the creation of positive, culturally relevant media representations reflective of the realities of the character of the African continent and the developing world
    * Invite and sensitize audiences to partake of conscious and fruitful media activity via discourse and media production
    * Enhance and support the free flow of information throughout the world
    * Serve as a media resource, information and research entity for all
    * Acknowledge and implement media standards toward achieving the development of competent and sustainable media industries within Africa
    * Generate opportunities for underserved communities and marginalized populations
    * Form partnerships with media institutions to contribute to and facilitate the exchange of media services and education